Two award-winning gardens created at The Chelsea Flower Show, London. Designed and installed by Richard Taylor and Christian Douglas. Both gardens feature a Victorian glasshouse where both food and sub-tropical rare species are being grown. The first garden combines a traditional plant selection in a contemporary layout.  Concentric waves of purple Heuchera and silver Santolina radiate out from a central boxwood topiary spiral. The outer edge softens into a lime green Miscanthus and crimson Knautia meadow, all framed by an avenue of stately Linden trees.

The second garden is split onto two rooms and influenced by the wonderful French monastery of d'Orsan. A custom stone fountain and rustic hazel gate greet you as you approach the space where you then have two gardens to choose; separated by a Hornbeam avenue and Yew hedge. The first space hosts a traditional kitchen garden, with flagstone and wood terrace, Hazel wood raised beds and central urn. The second space is the conservatory/sun room garden, with a calming green and white planting scheme softening the geometric flagstone courtyard and modern granite cube seats.